2012 Daily Lobo bootcamp wraps up

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photos by Mark Holm and Junfu Han

A big thank you to all who attended the 3rd annual 2012 Daily Lobo bootcamp this weekend!

For two days, 62 students from UNM, CNM, La Cueva High School, Sandia Prep and the Academy for Technology and the Classics heard from 33 presenters from around New Mexico and Arizona.

The panelists included many long time New Mexico journalists who shared insight and experience on topics ranging from ethical decisions to multimedia reporting. Students also heard about the importance of precise copy editing and how to avoid making mistakes in print. The bootcamp panelists all donated their time and came from Flagstaff, Las Vegas, N.M., Santa Rosa, Santa Fe and the Albuquerque area.

After the event, several students said they had new ideas and inspiration for reporting projects. Many were able to make invaluable contacts with professionals in the field.

We are already planning the 2013 bootcamp event so please sign up on the right hand side of the page to receive updates. Look for links to handouts from presenters there as well.

Thank you!


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